I don’t care about left-hand traffic

The transportation system in Perth just ##$$%^&*, so I decided to buy me a new bicycle to commute to and from school.

But if you wanna buy a bike in a huge shopping centre like kMart or Target, you could most probably face a problem, especially as a Swiss guy.
The bikes are not assembled, you just buy a huge box with all the Lego parts inside and an assembly manual. C’mon, IKEA everywhere or what? I wouldn’t even understand the manual in German.

Wayne, two hours later I finally built my brandnew bike, which I bought for only 129 AUD, without any proper tools at all. Yes, it’s not IKEA furniture, a screwdriver doesn’t suffice.

So, very happy with my new bike, I was riding to school on the next day. And what happened, I’ve had to face a whole bunch of insane wrong-way drivers on the road.
Fortunately almost all the drivers realized their fatal mistake and stopped their cars immediately. But there was this stubborn driver in his red car, heading towards me, very determined to not turn back.

But I didn’t shrink back. Still on collision course, either he or me (and of course my beloved bike) had to give up.

You can see the result on the picture below. Booya!

WARNING: Do not use the grammar of this post as a good example of English

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